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Refer and Earn

Join our Na Giean Affiliate Program. You'll have the opportunity to get a 20% commission.

Why join us

  • Earn Commission: Referrers can earn a steady stream of income by promoting our products and earning a 20% commission on each sale they refer.
  • High-quality Socks: Our products are of exceptional quality and have a strong reputation, making them easy to promote and sell.
  • Strong conversion rates: Our website and sales funnel are optimized for up to 5% conversion rates, increasing the likelihood of referrers earning commissions.
  • Dedicated support: We provide dedicated support to our referrers with 12 hours, offering assistance, resources, and guidance to help them succeed in their promotional efforts.
  • Flexible and transparent tracking: Our affiliate program utilizes advanced 30-day tracking technology, ensuring accurate tracking of referrals and transparent reporting of commissions earned.

How it works

  1. Sign up here and get your unique URL
  2. Share the link and advocate
  3. Earn up to 15% for each referral

Send email to if you have any questions. We are waiting for you to join us in the Na Giean village!