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How to Choose Hiking Socks

To hikers, every mile and step is taken on their own two feet. With the ups and downs, roots and rocks along the trails, having the right hiking socks is critical for keeping feet comfortable and protected from blisters.

So, how do you choose the right hiking socks?

Choose the Appropriate Height

The hiking socks you will choose should be matching with your footwear. The tip is: the height of socks should be higher than your footwear, so it can protect your skin from rubbing directly against your footwear.


For low-cut footwear or trail-running shoes

Choose no-show socks that stay below your ankle, such as Na Giean’s Twilight Lightweight No-show Running Socks.

For low-to-mid-cut shoes or boots

choose micro socks (also known as ankle socks or quarter socks) that cover your ankle bone. For example, Na Giean’s Enhanced Medium Weight Micro Hiking Socks

For boots with a high cuff

choose crew socks that stay a few inches above your ankle bone, reaching mid-calf. For instance, Na Giean’s Sober Gray Enhanced Medium Weight Crew Hiking Socks

Micro (ankle, quarter) and crew hiking socks are the most popular options. You can wear crew or micro socks with low-cut footwear, but be aware that the extra coverage may be too warm on a hot day.

Choose the Appropriate Cushioning

There are typically three types of cushioning: light cushion, medium cushion, and heavy cushion. At Na Giean, we offer an additional cushion type called enhanced medium cushion. The right cushioning for you depends on the type of trips you'll be taking and the expected weather conditions.


Light cushion

Ideal for warm conditions, these socks are relatively thin but have some light cushioning in key areas like the heel and toe.

Medium cushion

These socks provide a good amount of cushioning on the entire bottom, protecting your feet from blisters and offering warmth suitable for moderate to cold conditions.

Enhanced medium cushion

Na Giean's "fits all" design, these socks feature cushioning underfoot and throughout the leg area. They are thick but have excellent breathability due to the Merino wool fabric. If you prefer a hassle-free choice, the enhanced medium cushion socks are your go-to hiking socks.

Heavy cushion

These are the thickest and warmest hiking socks, designed for long trips, tough terrain, and cold temperatures. They feature cushioning throughout the sock.

Choose the Appropriate Fabric

Hiking socks can be made from various fabrics, including cotton, nylon, polyester, and wool. However, wool, particularly Merino wool, is considered the best fabric for hiking socks. At Na Giean, we use a blend of three fabrics in most of our socks: Merino wool, nylon, and spandex. We specifically chose Merino wool for its excellent performance and comfort.

Choose the Right Size

Getting the right size is crucial. Socks that are too big can cause wrinkles and lead to blisters, while socks that are too small can create pressure points and cause slipping.

Therefore, carefully check the size chart before making a purchase. When trying on socks, look for a snug fit that isn't overly tight.

Remember, socks directly touch your skin and act as armor for your feet. It's worth investing the time and budget to select a good pair.